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Use of G655 Granite

As most white grey granite ,G655 Granite is a popular choice of building material because it provides long-lasting durability. G655 granite is elegant and peace feeling when it is used as inner floor, wall , steps , countertops and worktops.

G655 granite is an excellent choice for a variety of projects both large and small.

G655 granite stones, also known as pavers, make an attractive choice for a walkway or patio. They have occassionally been used to pave city streets



granite is sometimes used as curbing because it has a decorative appeal and lasts longer than concrete

Willis Granite Products also makes a variety of tombstones for both people and animals from G655 granite.

As other white granite , G655 makes an excellent choice for countertops and backsplash tile in your kitchen, bathroom or utility room

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Best Way To Clean And Care Granite And Marble


Instructions to be Mind

Hot items should not be placed above the stone surface. Because it may cause any scratch, damage or stain in the surface.

Careful measures to be taken by the homeowners when maintaining the surface. He has to act as per the instruction given by the stone polisher/stone seller.

When spills/stain is dropped on the surface, it should be cleaned from the surface before it gets penetrating in the surface.

When stain/spill is penetrated in the surface, then use some cleaning agents like neutral cleaner, stone soap, any mild liquid or warm water.

While cleaning use clean, soft cloth and mild cleaning agent in the granite. Clean the stone, after washing with any cleaning agent.

Don’t clean the granite stone with the cleaning products like ammonia, bleaching powder, abrasive dry cleaners (dry cleanser, scouring powder) and products which contains lemon, vinegar or other acids.

Seek the help of the professionals/experts to remove the dirt, stain or spill in the floor. It helps to retain the ever lasting beauty of the stone granite.

It is essential to be noted that the surface should be cleaned and all spills should be removed and vegetables and fruits are to be avoided from the granite surfaces. Use coasters under glasses, which include citrus fruits and alcohol to prevent stains. Use cleaned white towels or cloth to clean the granite/marble stones if stain remains on the floor.